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Security Information


Security is an important issue for us.

We have implemented standard security policies and procedures in order to provide protection for information travelling over the Internet. For example, we provide the following security measures to protect the information being provided/received by us over the Internet in respect of your access to and use of Internet Cash Management:

However, no security or encryption we provide can protect against every circumstance. Therefore, it is important that you take additional steps to further protect yourself when using Internet Cash Management. You have a responsibility to protect your own security.

Security Obligations:

The following rules must be followed by you respecting your use of Internet Cash Management:

  1. your Password shall:
    • be at least 6 characters long;
    • contain a combination of both numbers and letters;
    • be different from any other personal identification number or other secret code used by the User for banking services or otherwise;
    • not contain the User's name, birth date (or other special day), telephone number, address or User ID;
    • be changed by each User regularly and, in any event, at least every 6 months;
    • not be changed to any Password previously used by the User; and
    • be committed to memory by the User and shall not be written down or otherwise recorded anywhere.
  2. your Password shall be kept absolutely confidential shall not be disclosed to any person whatsoever, and all reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure your Password is not disclosed, accidentally or otherwise;
  3. computers or other devices with which you access Internet Cash Management shall be protected against unauthorized access by third parties;
  4. web browser applications or functions that allow you to electronically store a Password for easy future access shall not be used; and
  5. a computer from which you have accessed Internet Cash Management shall not be left unattended until the User has terminated the session and has logged-off Internet Cash Management.

By accessing Internet Cash Management, you are agreeing that you will comply with these Security Obligations.

Security Suggestions:

In addition to the Security Obligations, we suggest you take additional measures to protection your security. These might include:
  1. Ensure you are using the most secure web browser currently available.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your web browser's various functions and enable/disable such functions as needed in order to maximize security.
  3. Web browsers often use a "cache" to temporarily save web pages in your computer's memory. Although the cache is designed to improve performance, subsequent users of your computer may be able view web pages previously visited by you by accessing the information in the cache. You should always completely close your web browser after each Internet Cash Management session. You should also frequently clear your cache.
  4. Ensure you have up-to-date virus protection software on all systems and that you run virus scans regularly.

Last Revised 21/03/01

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