1. Q. How do I login to Coast Online Banking?

    The first time you login:

    1. Have your Coast Capital Savings Member Card handy.
    2. Enter the last 8 digits of your Member Card number.
    3. Enter your existing Personal Access Code (PAC).
    4. You will then be prompted to change your PAC (the first time you login only).
    5. You must choose a NEW 7-digit numeric PAC (your new PAC cannot begin with a zero).
    6. From now on, use your new PAC along with the last 8 digits from your Coast Capital Savings Member Card number when you login to Coast Online Banking or Coast-by-Phone.

  2. Q. How can I get a Personal Access Code (PAC)?

    To obtain your Personal Access Code, visit one of our 42 branches or visit our Contact Us page for options on how we can help you.

  3. Q. Why do I have to use a 7-digit numeric Personal Access Code (PAC)?

    We switched to a numeric-only Personal Access Code (PAC) as a convenience to our members. It allows you to access both online banking and telephone banking using the same information; the last 8-digits of your Member Card number and a 7-digit PAC. Members no longer need to use and remember a different PAC for each service. Because telephone banking only lends itself to using numbers, we had to choose a numeric PAC rather than alpha-numeric.

    We selected 7 digits for the PAC as we wanted to ensure a balance between security, complexity and convenience. If we were to assign too long of a numeric PAC, it becomes difficult to remember and chances are you would have to write it down, which compromises their security. The shorter the number, the greater the risk, the longer the number the lesser the risk, so we determined 7 digits was a good balance between security and convenience.

    The PAC is only one part of the security process. You are also protected by having a Member Card and having to enter the last 8-digits of that Member Card and your PAC to identify who you are. The combination of the three is what provides safety and security of information.

  4. Q. How can I change my Personal Access Code (PAC)?

    To change your Personal Access Code - PAC, click on My Profile and select Change PAC. From this screen enter your current PAC and enter your new PAC which must have 7-digits and cannot begin with a zero.

  5. Q. Why do I have to use my Member Card instead of my account number to login?

    Your Coast Capital Savings Member Card is the key to all of your accounts and information through all of our electronic channels.

    • Coast Online Banking - Use the last 8 digits of your Member Card and your Personal Access Code (PAC) to manage your finances from anywhere, anytime.
    • Coast-by-Phone - Use the last 8 digits of your Member Card and your PAC to access your accounts anywhere, anytime with a touch tone telephone.
    • Interac Direct Payment - Use your Member Card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to pay for purchases; a simple alternative to cash.
    • ATMs - Use your Member Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access any Coast Capital Savings ATMs or any other ATM displaying the INTERAC, PLUS System or EXCHANGE logo.
    • Banking at your Branch - Your Member Card can also help branch staff access your accounts.
  6. Q. I have been locked out of Online Banking, what do I do?

    You have unsuccessfully attempted to access your account three times. Important: Your account is protected from unauthorized access after three attempts until the next business day. Please try to login again on the next business day.

  7. Q. What is account aggregation?

    Account Aggregation allows you to view all of your Coast Capital Savings memberships and accounts with one login session. Members with more than one membership will be able to view ALL their memberships or each one individually on this new consolidated Account Summary screen. Current account balances are provided at a glance and links to each account are provided for more specific details.

    NOTE: Account Aggregation may show all the accounts that you are affiliated with such as Power of Attorney, Rights of Survivor, joint account, trust account, loan accounts etc.

    NOTE: Some restrictions apply. Not all accounts types will be able to view account aggregation.

  8. Q. Can I order cheques online?

    Yes. Click on the My Profile tab and select Order Cheques.

  9. Q. Can I update my address information online?

    Yes. Click on the My Profile tab and select Change Address.

  10. Q. I am not a member, how do I open an account with Coast Capital Savings?

    To open an account at Coast Capital Savings, visit one of our 42 branches or Contact Us for options on how we can help you.

  11. Q. How much does it cost to use Online Banking?

    It does not cost anything to use Coast Online Banking, however your regular service charges still apply according to your account type and balance.

  12. Q. What if I need help using Coast Online Banking?

    You can click on the Help button for detailed instructions on how to use Coast Online Banking. If you require further assistance, go to our Contact Us page for options on how we can help you.

  13. Q. Why did my bill payment not go through?

    Please check to ensure that the date is correct. Future bills can only be paid up to 1 year in advance. If you receive an error message, please try your bill payment again later and if still unsuccessful, please contact Technical support at 1-877-333-7736.

  14. Q. Why can't I find the bill vendor I want to pay?

    The list of bill payees is provided by Credit Union Central of BC. In order for a bill payee to be added to this list, they must register their company with Credit Union Central of BC.

  15. Q. I paid my bill yesterday, why hasn't the company received my payment yet?

    It depends on the company. Some bill payments made through Coast Online Banking may take 2-3 business days to process. It all depends on the time of transaction and the company's own internal accounting processes. We advise all Members to make their electronic bill payments a couple of days ahead of the payment due date just to be safe.

  16. Q. What is a bill payment confirmation number used for?

    Coast Capital Savings issues you a confirmation number when you perform certain types of transactions on Coast Online Banking. It is good practice to copy this number (or print the confirmation receipt) in case you have any questions or your transaction doesn't reach it's intended recipient.

  17. Q. Can I view cheques I have written on my account?

    Links to your cheque images are now included in your Account Statement details. Click on Accounts from the menu bar along the top and then click on Account Statement along the left. Within your account statement details, each cheque item for which there is a cheque image available will provide a link you can click on to display an image of that cheque. The cheque will be displayed in a new browser window. In this window, you can switch between viewing the front and back of the cheque by clicking on the appropriate button below the cheque image. When you're finished viewing the cheque, click on the Close Window button to close the browser window.

  18. Q. Can I transfer funds to another member within Coast Capital Savings?

    We offer the ability to transfer money between memberships via the inter-member transfer option. All you need is the membership number of the person to whom you are transferring the funds. You'll find this option under the Transfer menu, and then select Transfer Funds. Under Transfer To, select "transfer to another member" and enter their membership number in the box provided. We'll deposit the funds into the first demand account of the destination membership.

  19. Q. What Personal Financial Management Software can I download my statement into?

    You can download your statements to Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, Simply Accounting, or Comma Delimited Text.

  20. Q. What is the difference between 40 & 128-bit encryption?

    The difference between 40-bit and 128-bit encryption, is the degree to which the data is encoded. A browser with 40-bit encryption produces 240 possible key combinations. If you use a browser with 128-bit encryption there is substantially more possible key combinations.

  21. Q. Why can't I open a RRSP?

    To open an RRSP product, you must first set up an RRSP contract with us. To do this, please visit your Branch or Contact Us for options on how we can help you.

  22. Q. What is hyperWALLET™?

    hyperWALLET™ is an online payment system that enables you to transfer funds to anyone with an e-mail address, transfer money to other financial institutions, pay for online goods and services (i.e. eBay) and exchange currencies.

    To sign up for a hyperWALLET, click on “HyperWALLET Account” and follow the simple instructions.

    Once you have your Wallet ID, go to your online bank and transfer money into your hyperWALLET™ account (AddCash). You can then send (Beam) cash to anyone with an email address, pay for your auction item or create an auction invoice, perform a foreign exchange transaction, shop at a hyperWALLET™ enabled eTailer or CashOut.