This page allows you to login using a biometric scan of your finger or thumb. This login procedure is required to use the Wire Transfer - MTS (Money Transfer Funds) and CAFT (Customer Automated Funds Transfer) transfer functions. To log in, place your finger or thumb on the biometric scanner (the "hamster"). Then, click on Scan Fingerprint. If the scan matches the one you scanned during registration, you will be logged on and allowed to perform all Business version functions.

If you have not registered for biometric login, click on Biometric Registration.

Enhanced Security

When you click on this check box, MemberDirect® will prevent unauthorized viewing of your account information after you log out. This feature enables MemberDirect® to prevent your browser from caching pages, so that clicking the Back button will not display a previously viewed page after you click on Logout. Enabling Enhanced Security is recommended if you are using a public or shared access computer. It is always important to log out when you have finished using MemberDirect®.